Saturday, 23 March 2013

Clynol Enrich Colour Shampoo & Restore Colour Conditioner is one of the UK's leading online retailers of hair extensions, hair care and beauty products from top brands.

I recently reviewed Clynol's Repair Caress Sealed Ends Repair Fluid which I really liked so I was pleased to be sent the Clynol Colour Shampoo & Conditioner to review.

Clynol Enrich Colour Shampoo* (300ml - £6.41)
The shampoo contains liquid jewel extract to add shine as well as UV filters to protect coloured hair from the sun.  The shampoo also contains Keratin to strengthen.  I have been enjoying using this shampoo, it lathers well and has a nice floral scent.  It also leaves the hair feeling really clean.

Clynol Restore Colour Conditioner* (250ml - £7.17)
I simply love that the conditioner is smaller than the shampoo - I always finish shampoo before conditioner and find myself left with random bottles of conditioner which don't match the shampoo!

The conditioner also contains liquid jewel extract for shine and brightness, apricot kernal oil to nourish as well as UV filters to protect coloured hair from the sun as well as 30 wash colour lock.

A rich cream which smells like the shampoo.  It leaves the hair looking moisturised and smooth.

These do contain SLS etc. I am trying to use more brands which are natural.  These are nice and are effective products which come from a well known brand and I have enjoyed using them.

You can see Hairtrade's website here.
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*complimentary sent for review


  1. These sound good! Shame they have SLS x

  2. Theybsoundnnice despite the SLS xx

  3. Liquid jewel extract sounds fancy! I'm trying to avoid SLS these days too though so I wouldn't buy these xx

    1. They make my hair feel great though x