Wednesday, 6 March 2013

7 Days Raw Challenge - Day 3

I have to admit I was tempted by a latte last night but I had a herbal tea instead.  I also found I was really tired last night so went to bed early.  I picked up two more days of food at lunchtime today.

Here's what I've been eating today:

I wasn't hungry first thing so I took some fruit to work with me to munch on.

I also ate spicy seeds which I actually think are better than...CRISPS! Simply delicious coated with vegan soy sauce, garlic and chilli.

For Lunch: Pasta with Courgette and Sweet Potato noodles with tomato sauce - oh WOW this was amazing - spiral coils of courgette and sweet potato which looked exactly like real noodles topped with a delicious tomato sauce with dried tomatoes and topped with seeds.  I was stuffed after this.

In the afternoon I had a snack of mint creams - a delicious minty and slightly sweet mouthful.  Made with avocados, cashew nuts and cacao butter. I ate them all as they were so good.

My other snacks included courgette crisps, crackers and cashew cheese and I got some more spicy seeds.

For Dinner: Coconut & Orange Curry which was packed full of tasty vegetables in a spicy sauce.  Really fresh tasting with a kick!

Pudding today was Pecan pie. It was served with cashew cream and tasted nutty and sweet and delicious! 

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Orb Cafe
Shining Light
246 Morrison St


  1. Everything here looks delicious!


    1. It is! I am really enjoying all of the food its fab! x

  2. I'm enjoying reading your raw food updates so much - all the food looks and sounds so yummy. I wish there was a raw food cafe like your friends' one where I lived! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. Thanks Evelyn, I'm really enjoying the food. The flavours are just amazing. I'm definitely going to be adding some raw elements to my diet as everything just tastes so good x

  3. SANDRA!!! These posts are making me drool! Everything all looks amazing! Can I come and live with you please!!



    Em’s Mixed Bag

    1. I've been loving the food and how it tastes! Going to the cafe tomorrow for more! Can't wait x

  4. I have never thought about raw food before but these posts have been wonderful. I love the sound of cashew cream, my body doesn't like dairy much and this sounds like a great alternative. x

    1. Thanks! The food is really tasty. I'm sure cashew cream would suit you and almond milk which has a really rich taste x