Tuesday, 5 March 2013

7 Days Raw Challenge - Day 2

I simply loved everything I ate yesterday. I also felt more awake yesterday evening than I normally do on a Monday night but I did feel a bit bloated - although I reckon this is to do with a complete change of diet.  I started to feel better as the day went on today.  You can see Day 1 here.

Onto today's food:

For breakfast:  A green smoothie with fresh fruit and spinach.  I was a bit scared of this but it tasted better than it looked!  I just zapped some spinach and  the fruit with a bit of water in a smoothie maker. Claire said to chew on each mouthful to get the best benefit.  I'd say I quite enjoyed it.  

For lunch: Rainbow Bell Pepper Salad with tomato, capers, cranberries and preserved lemons - this was an absolute taste sensation - one of my favourites so far. It was served with a tasty dressing and onion and beetroot crackers (I didn't enjoy these much!)  A simple salad with interesting leaves and flavours - it was tangy, sweet, salty, spicy and fresh.  I Loved it.

For dinner: Brazil Nut Burger - made with vegetables, nuts and herbs with cashew cheese, ketchup and salad.  This was tasty enough but I found it quite dense.  The cashew cheese and ketchup were tasty.

I ate the Kale Crisps and Halva today:

I loved the Halva which is a nice wee sweet treat made with tahini, dates and raisins and blended together and rolled into balls and Kale Crisps which I didn't really like (I got bits stuck in my teeth!)

Pudding: Banana Cream Tart - this was delicious really "creamy" with sliced banana and there was coconut in the crust which was really tasty.

I have upped my water and herbal tea intake and feel more mentally alert especially just now as I type this.  I have never felt hungry and so far not had any cravings for lattes, diet coke, crisps, chocolate and wine (yet!)

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  1. That pudding looks divine and I love the sound of the beetroot crackers xx


  2. This is so inspiring, I wish I was brave enough to try something like this. I really need to eat healthier and it all looks so good! x

    1. Thank you! You should give it a go. I'm really enjoying everything and I'm hoping this week helps to kick start a healthier diet for me x

  3. Great to see it's going well and the desserts look heavenly! Definitely motivating me more to start incorporating raw foods into my diet :) x

    1. Better than I expected to be honest. You definitely should I feel like I have more energy. I'll definitely be keeping some of the raw elements in my diet x

  4. I've been juice cleansing for the past two days and I've had a non-stop headache. I think I may need to reintroduce raw foods before I curl up into a little migraine ball =(

    1. Oh no! Poor you :( Hope you feel better soon x

  5. Sandra it's so exciting to follow you!
    Am loving your blog and the fact that you are not suffering with hunger or food cravings! The crackers and kale chips are an acquired taste - they can be a little bitter - people either love them... or they don't!
    We will have your next two days food hamper ready for you by 12pm today. You've got a chocolate brownie, peppermint creams and some creamy almond milk and chewy granola in there. The rest is a surprise :-)

    1. Thank you! Really enjoying all the food its so yummy. Adore peppermint creams! x