Friday, 8 March 2013

7 Days Raw Challenge - Day 5

I awoke this morning full of energy even before the alarm clock went off!  For breakfast I had a green smoothie the same as I had on Day 2.  

I had a mid-morning snack of mushroom crackers with cashew cheese.  Absolutely delicious.  The crackers really tasted of mushroom with a hint of herbs and the cashew cheese had a sort of soft cheese taste.

At lunchtime I went into the cafe which was a great experience and I met Lizzy, the Chef as well as some volunteer helpers.

The cafe is a large, bright and airy space.  There is a table where you can help yourself to a large variety of herbal teas for £1 charge.  There is also a table with magazines which you can read while you are there.  The cafe is situated at Shining Light - Medium Georgina Holdsworth offers clairvoyant and tarot readings, complementary therapies, workshops, talks etc.  See her website for details here. 

For lunch: Chilli Tacos made with corn tortillas, marinated mushrooms, peppers, courgettes and cashew cheese.  Served with a fresh salsa and salad with mango dressing.  Yum Yum this was delicious - and I didn't miss the chicken!

I had beautiful and delicious Booja-Booja ice cream for pudding - coconut, chocolate and maple pecan.  This was served with a rolled up piece of fruit leather which looked like wafer.  Booja-Booja ice cream is made with cashews, agave syrup and pure water from reverse osmosis.  I'll definitely be looking for this ice cream next time I'm in Waitrose!

For dinner: Pizza with side salad with mango dressing and parsnip crisps. This was very tasty.  The salad dressing was fab - really fruity.

I also managed a piece of pumpkin pie!

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Orb Cafe
Shining Light
246 Morrison St


  1. Again - yum! xx

    1. All delicious the ice cream and tacos especially :) x

  2. Thanks Sandra for such a great blog and fabulous photos! You have done so well. And I'm so glad you are feeling such positive efffects!
    C x x

    1. No problem Claire! The food has been so tasty I'll definitely be adding raw to my normal diet starting next week! Have a great weekend! x