Monday, 31 August 2020

August Book Round-Up

I sort of slowed down reading wise during August. If a book is marked * I've very kindly received it free of charge from netgalley or direct from the publisher. Here's what I've been reading in August:

Sight Unseen by Sandra Ireland* - this is the first book in the Sarah Sutherland series. I took part in the blog tour - see my review HERE. Great start to a new series.

The Suspect by Fiona BartonTwo, eighteen year old girls, Alex and Rosie go missing on their gap year in Thailand. Understandably their parents are frantic with worry. Journo, Kate Waters is the first on the scene to scoop the story for her paper. It also makes her think of her own son Jake, who is in Thailand too.

When the devastating news breaks Kate gets on the families sides in order to gain her exclusive. What she doesn't know is that her own life is also going to change dramatically when they arrive in Thailand....

Meanwhile, DI Bob Sparkes sets up his own investigation into the crimes with the help of his colleague which take them to the heart of the case.

A twisty read with interesting characters, full of secrets, lies and half-truths. I was totally engrossed in the story. Would recommend (I didn't realise this was part of a series, it's perfectly fine to read as a standalone - although I will go back and start at the beginning!)

The Scented Candle Workshop by Niko Dafkos & Paul Firmin - I received this book at Christmas and finally got round to reading it! (I've recently started dabbling in making my own wax melts so a lot of this book made more sense than when I looked at it after Christmas). 

Hugely informative with lots of ideas, tried and tested information, scent structure, wicks, wax and vessels as well as formulations and step-by-step guides to creating your own candles. Would recommend.

*Resurrection Men (Sooty Feathers #1) by David Craig - this was a large book with 424 pages. I found myself totally engrossed in the story quite early on which is set in supernatural 19th century Glasgow and the West of Scotland. 

University student, Wilton Hunt joins forces with local Pharmacist, Tam Foley to make some extra cash on the side as body snatchers for a local Professor at the Uni. When one such job goes wrong they uncover something which is bigger and more complex than they'd ever imagine. A fast paced and compelling fantasy read with interesting characters and lots of twists and turns. Would very highly recommend.

*Lost Cause (DI Kelly Porter #8) by Rachel LynchI'm always excited to pick up a new DI Kelly Porter tale and this latest one is jam packed with twists and turns. A body is found in a wheelie bin and Kelly and the team wonder if it could be connected to the recent spate of missing women.

There's a new team member Dan Houghton, who seems to think exactly like Kelly, in fact he wanted to join her team and work with her and he seems to be slotting in just fine.

What is the connection with the holiday let business, which despite being the middle of winter is full to capacity and what is misfit Kevin Flint hiding which could be crucial to the case?

As ever, we meet up once again with Ted, Johnny and Josie. With things having moved up a notch Johnny and his daughter are moving in. Something she's excited about but nervous about too. As ever, the story gripped me until I turned the very last page. I just so recommend this book and series. I just love Kelly Porter. Roll on book #9.

From last month (awaiting publication):

What Red Was by Rosie Price*Kate and Max met in the first week of Uni and have been platonic friends ever since even though they come from different walks of life. Working class Kate lives with her single mum (when not at Uni) and Max is a Rippon - posh but grounded and who comes from a very wealthy family.

Her life changes in a split second at Max's party when she's raped in his parent's bedroom. She can't let Max know and her life spirals out of control. She begins drinking too much, looses all confidence, has panic attacks and begins to self-harm.

She fears seeing him again as Max and his sister Nicole moves in the same circles. She can't confide in anyone until Max's mother takes her into her confidence. Zara is a famous film director who likes Kate and wants to help her.. At the film premier she's shocked how true to her experience the film is and feels betrayed.

I felt the author made us the reader feel everything that Kate's going through and we are there awaiting for her to come out the other side. Something kept me reading so I guess I'd recommend it.

What have you been reading this month?

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