Wednesday, 5 August 2020

*Typology Natural Eaux de Parfum Perfume Discovery Sets

*pr samples Way back in May I was very kindly gifted some skin specific products from Typology. See my review HERE. I've played about with the Perfume Discovery Sets (£8.80 each, each have 3 x 2ml vials) since then and here are my thoughts. The little sets are great try-mes and are perfect for layering. Try the samples then buy the Layering Collection. The perfumes can be worn alone too if preferred.

I loved all the scents in this collection - Pamplemousse Petitgrain - Jasmin Neroli - Cedre Vetiver. The perfumes can all be layered together to create a delicate floral scent or to create a sweet citrus layer Pamplemousse Petitgrain with Jasmin Neroli. The scents aren't very long lasting but I've enjoyed using them. Full size bottles come in at £32.80 for 30ml.

Pamplemousse Petitgrain is a very fruity, bright and sweet scent with a note of bitterness from the petitgrain. Jasmin Neroli has rich and opulent citrus floral notes. Cedre Vetiver is woody and warm with green aromatic notes.

The second discovery set contains Yuzu Mandarine - Sauge Romarin - Cypress Genevrier. I adored Yuzu Mandarine but found the other two more of an acquired taste. Yuzu Mandarine is wild green mandarin with Ichang lemon and is very citrus, Sauge Romarin is aromatic and herbal while Cyprès Genévrier is woody, fresh, peppery and aromatic.

To create a sweet aromatic perfume layer the trio of scents or create an invigorating perfume with Sauge Romarin and Yuzu Mandarine.

I've really enjoyed trying the perfumes in the range in an affordable way. Of course, now I "need" "want" full size bottles of Jasmin Neroli, Yuzu Mandarine and Pamplemousse Petitgrain! Have you tried any of the Eaux de Parfum from Typology?

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