Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box: Spring: May 2020

It's always an exciting day when my Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box lands! It arrived on Friday and inside is a brand I adore, a brand which was on my wishlist, a new to me brand, a known to me brand - but I've not tried any of their products and an old faithful!

And so, for a peek:

"Spring - A lovely reminder of how truly beautiful Change can Be"

Now for a closer look..

London Balms has been on my wishlist for a while so I was delighted to see a pot of their Hawaii Kukui Balm (30ml - £9.50) which is suitable for Hands, Body and Feet. You'll know how I love a multi-use product! It also smells sublime - Rosemary, Sweet Orange and Neroli, here's looking at you! I'm really looking forward to this one and a review will follow (Temptingly there's also a code for 10% off!)

From new-to-me Fit Pit is a cute little jar of their Award Winning Woman Natural Deodorant (25ml - £4.99) which looks almost good enough to eat. It smells gorgeous (scented with Rosemary & Bergamot). Looking forward to testing it out.

I'm already a huge fan of nknaturals and inside is their Spring Nutrient Rich Facial Oil 15ml which is worth £15. See my initial thoughts on it HERE (I also reviewed a couple of the other products in the Spring range which you can see HERE). I'm very happy to have a back up of this beautiful oil (great addition to the box, Paula!)

There's a full size of PHB Ethical Beauty's New Balance Face Wash with Lavender & Salicylic Acid 100ml (£17) which is house in a eco friendly glass bottle. I'm always happy to have a new cleanser in my stash and I'm looking forward to trying it out. Again, a review will follow.

The final item is a pot (50g) worth £5 of Akamuti's Amazonian Murumura Butter which is a known to me brand but I've not tried anything from it before. It has a strong nutty/earthy type scent and is good for deeply moisturising dry hair. Use it as a deep conditioning pre-wash. Another one I'm excited to try.

Another great box with lots of newness! Are you a subscriber? Sign up HERE (as the subscription is bi-monthly the next box will be in July).

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