Friday, 8 May 2020

nknaturals: season specific skincare: SPRING

*gifted As you'll know I adore Nicola's gorgeous range - nknaturals which are now season specific. As you'll know attention to detail is everything and I think I squealed (loudly) when I received my purchase which was packaged with attention to detail and love.  See my previous reviews HERE and for the season oils* HERE.

The new Spring Collection is simply exquisite and I had to try a couple more of items from the range. Spring sees the return of longer days and more light after the darkness of winter. 

The first product calling my name was the exquisite Spring Deep Steam Salt Infusion (120ml - £15). Halotherapy using steam is an essential part of your skincare regime and should be practiced at least once a week before bed (I used to steam my face years ago - so it's a trip down memory lane - although made all the nicer with this salt infusion!)

The ritual calms and relaxes, it can be used as a "mediation in mindful breathing as the ionic air circulates through your senses, warming and softening the skin, removing impurities and drawing out bacteria from under the surface of the skin in a gentle moist air bath".

Formulated with hand picked air dried lavender buds, rosemary, pine and Epsom salts, it's a blend which will clear the senses and calm you down. 

To use: ensure your skin is clean. Add a spoonful of the salts to a glass or ceramic bowl before carefully adding boiled water which will dissolve the salts and hydrate the buds. Lower your face over the steam and cover your head with a towel making a "tent" to keep in the steam. Sit over the steam for five minutes or so, building up to fifteen minutes as you feel comfortable with the heat.

Afterwards gently wipe away perspiration before misting the face with hydrosol and drinking a glass of water. Skin is left feeling clean and soothed.

Nicola very kindly send me a pot of Spring Enriched Protection Daily Moisturiser* which really is a pot of goodness and one of the nicest moisturisers I've ever used! All of the products come with an information sheet listing all the ingredients with info about the product and how to use it.

That texture! It really is sublime and so creamy, melting onto the skin and absorbing instantly. A total dream! The cream is the first seasonal specific moisturiser (can't wait to see what Summer, Autumn and Winter brings!) It has a fresh floral/herbal scent and is formulated with blue chamomile, alpine lavender, palmarosa and yarrow along with coconut and safflower oils, raw beeswax, titanium dioxide and oat kernel flour. 

To use: massage a small amount onto the face, neck and decollete for velvety smooth and nourished skin. 

This moisturiser is one of my products of the year. Truly a delight. What are your favourites from the range?

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