Monday, 25 February 2013

Ancienne Ambiance Luxury Soaps

Ancienne Ambiance sent me their soaps* for review. I'm a huge fan of bars of soap and these ones are gorgeous.  Available in six scents - Rosa, Meli, Jasminum, Amandula, Lavendula and Goddess Argan.

The company was founded in 2004 by Adriana Carlucci.  Her first products were a collection of six candles each scented with fragrances reminiscent of ancient times. 

I am already a fan of Ancienne Ambiance's Luxury Bath Salts and you can see my review here.

The soaps (100g each) are sold in sets of three (all the same fragrance) for £14.  The Goddess Argan Soaps are £16 for three.  They are handcrafted and wrapped in cellophane and Ancienne Ambiance branded purple paper sleeves.

Made with shea butter, natural vegetable oil, coconut oil and essential oils.  They can be used all over the body and are free from parabens, synthetic ingredients and chemicals.  I have found the soaps to lather up well leaving the skin clean, moisturised and delicately perfumed.

My favourites are Rosa, Jasminum, Amandula and Goddess Argan.

Rosa Soap - warming rose adds warmth to the soul
Meli Soap - moisturising honey which is made with honey from Provence
Jasminum Soap - sweet jasmine is uplifting
Amandula Soap - made with almond milk softens the skin
Lavendula Soap - made with stress relieving lavender
Goddess Argan Soap - made with Ancienne Ambiance's best selling Argan Oil

You can see full details at the website - see here.
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*PR samples


  1. These sound lovely! Definitely would like to try the bath salts, although the argan soap is definitely tempting! x

    1. The argan soap is gorgeous and the rosa bath salts were my favourites x

  2. Lovely, the amandula especially sounds ideal for me... I'd love to try Meli too. X

    1. Amandula is gorgeous I'm sure you'd love it x

  3. They sound wonderful, I would love the Lavender one xx

  4. I haven't heard of this brand before. I like Shea Butter based soaps. I think Meli & Amandula appeal to me

  5. They all sound amazing, how could anyone choose just one! xx

  6. Replies
    1. :) they are really gorgeous soaps x