Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Sandwick Bay Subscription Corner: June: Wax Melts

I used to be a subscriber of the Candle Subscription Corner with Sandwick Bay Candles (see my reviews HERE). I'm currently obsessed with wax melts (I have another monthly wax melt subscription too!) The Sandwick Bay Candles Wax Melt subscription costs £10 including p&p each month (payment is taken on 1st of the month, with parcels being sent on the 4th) making it a very affordable monthly treat.

The wax melt subscription comes in a letterbox friendly box and contains:

10 soy wax melts in Pineapple & Frangipani (the candle scent this month) which is sweet and fruity with an exotic frangipani edge. It's the perfect summertime scent.

Also inside are six soy wax tealights.

The extra sample this month is deliciously juicy Blood Orange (which I received as a candle - see HERE). It's a lush scent and has notes of Blood Orange, Grapefruit and Lime mixed with goji berries. Inside the little bag are two heart shaped melts.

 I'm really pleased with the scents this month. Are you a subscriber?

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  1. Thank you for joining the wax melts subscription box and I'm delighted you like this month's summery fragrance!