Friday, 26 June 2020

Palm of Feronia Samples

I'm unsure exactly where I came across Palm of Feronia (I think it was either in a magazine or on instagram). I picked up three samples from the range which are generous sizes ranging from 5ml to 60ml). They're the perfect try-me size or for holidays. The range is hand-blended in small batches by founder Sophia Harding in South east London. 

"Feronia is the ancient Roman goddess associated with wildlife, fertility, health, healing and abundance".

Each ingredient is carefully selected for sustainability and maximum therapeutic effects on the skin and the range is Vegan, Cruelty Free and natural and is focused on the ancient principles of aromatherapy and crystal healing.

I selected: Ritual Cleansing Oil (which has featured in Tatler mag) with Hemp, Douglas Fir & Clear Quartz (10ml sample - £4, full size 100ml £40, 30ml travel size £29). This purifying blend which moderates oil production and balances the skin. Clear Quartz promotes a strong connection to your true self, Tourmaline protects against negative energies while Aventurine encourages prosperity and perseverance. To use: warm a small amount in your palm, inhale before massaging onto the skin and remove with a warmed cloth. I've really enjoyed trying the Ritual Cleansing Oil as I felt it balanced my t-zone and turned cleansing into a real ritual (it also smells great!)  

My second pick was Moonstone Sleep Spray (10ml sample - £4, full size 100ml - £42, 30ml travel size £29) (also featured in Tatler) which I fell-head-over-heels for. This has something in it which just sends me to sleep - and it's not the lavender!) I'll definitely be re-purchasing this one. It's enriched with Organic Lavender oil which is a natural sedative along with Thyme oil which wards off nightmares, Organic Chamomile water aids sleep along with Petitgrain, Clary Sage & Bergamot which relax the mind and body. Amethyst is a natural tranquiliser which supports sleep by soothing the mind, Blue Lace Agate calms and encourages peace while Moonstone is said to soothe emotions and promote calm. To use: shake and spritz onto bedding just before you go to bed. As I said, I love this spray it totally calms and relaxes and helps me drop off to sleep.

The final sample size I picked was Grounding Bath & Body Elixir (10ml sample - £3, 100ml - £44, 30ml travel size £24) which has featured in Vogue mag. A nourishing oil which you can use in the bath or as a body oil. Formulated with Organic cold pressed Baobab Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E with Orange, Vetiver and Cedarwood which ground, calm and uplift. The crystals are Citrine, the stone of abundance which brings happiness and joy, Rose Quartz for love and nourishment and Clear Quartz which protects against negativity and allows a connection with your true, higher self. To use: add to a bath or massage onto clean dry skin. 

I've been pretty impressed with the three samples I tried although Moonstone Sleep Spray has my heart! Have you tried any products from Palm of Feronia?

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