Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Beauty Pie Review: Month #7

It's now my 7th month of Beauty Pie (I also had an extra spend this month in the form of their brand new Luxury Haircare - I'm looking forward to that arriving!)

Here's my picks this month (I'll do proper reviews when I get the chance to try them).

Quantum Bronzer Matte Goldilux (8g - typical price £26 - members pay £5.29) I tried to photograph the shade but it's really sheer and gives the skin healthy looking natural glow. It feels soft and silky on the skin.

My second pick was my favourite foundation Everyday Great Skin Foundation in Shell (30ml - typical price £30 - members pay £7.75). This is my 3rd bottle and my back up of my current bottle! See my thoughts HERE.

My third pick is Super Healthy Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 in Medium (50ml - typical price £28 - members pay £5.63). I'm looking forward to testing this out. The shade and formulation seems really nice.

My final pick this month (well not really, as I had another purchase!) is the EdP Sampler Set (3 x 2ml - typical price £7 - members pay £5.20) which are samples of the 3 perfumes Beauty Pie currently stock. I'm looking forward to really testing these out but on first sniff I'm loving Brazilian Lime, Fig Leaves & Tea and Red Apple, White Peony & Cashmere. A full review to come.

What's your favourites from Beauty Pie? Feel free to use my link to SIGN UP.


  1. I keep looking at this, but haven't signed up yet. I'm more into skin care than cosmetics. What's your feeling about their skin care products Sandra?

    1. I've been super impressed with just about everything I've tried skincare wise (only one product wasn't for me - their retinol hand cream). I'm a bit obsessed with Beauty Pie right now!

  2. Have you given the tinted moisturiser a try?