Thursday, 18 October 2018

Review: Yellow Gorse

I recently came across Yellow Gorse, a beautiful handcrafted range of luscious products handmade in small batches in Dorset formulated with ethical, vegan, natural and nourishing ingredients and of course I couldn't resist a small purchase! 

The packaging is exquisite and all recyclable or reusable and carefully put together. I picked 3 products:

Chai Tea Scrub (£3.50 - 45g) is almost good enough to eat! With a rich and aromatic scent the scrub is a joy to use. This invigorating scrub is perfect to use in the morning for a wake up call. With just the right amount of "scrubbiness" and a delectable scent of rosemary, orange, ginger grass and cinnamon.

To use: dampen scrub with warm water before massaging it onto the skin.

Frankincense/Bergamot Calm Balm (£4.80 - 20g) is presented in a vintage style tin and can be used to de-stress and calm on the go. The uplifting and relaxing balm contains frankincense which helps to slow down breathing, bergamot which eases stress with a drop of calming lavender. Nourishing botanical oils, butters and beeswax soften and feed the skin.

To use: apply as needed on temples and wrists throughout the day.

The third item I selected is Chamomile & Calendula Sleep Balm (£6.80 - 15ml) which is formulated with soothing roman chamomile, calming & healing azulene and calendula and safflower oils to aid sleep and nourish the skin while sleeping. It's got a beautiful gentle and calming scent. 

To use: apply to pulse points, hands, bottoms of the feet and face and neck.

The products are simply exquisite, have been carefully and lovingly formulated and I can't wait to try more from the RANGE.


  1. Gorgeous products Sandra, such a lovely brand! Love the sound of Chai Tea Scrub.

  2. These look gorgeous! Not heard of azulene before, what a lovely colour!

    1. I know me neither. They are lovely and reasonably priced x