Sunday, 21 October 2018

Love Lula: ZOJO Beauty Elixirs: The BIKINI BODY Formula

I've been testing out ZOJO Beauty Elixirs The BIKINI BODY Formula (£17 - 35g - 7 days worth)*. I can honestly say it's fantastic (I love the packaging too!) It has easily become a morning ritual and I'm excited to try others from the range too - GORGEOUS* and SUPERGREENS (expect reviews soon!)

I've never personally found a supplement which suits my lifestyle or I take regularly. The ZOJO Beauty Elixirs are easy to fit into your daily life. Formulated with organically grown adaptogens, potent plants and superfoods and 100% organic. They also taste great and are easy to blend into juice, milk or smoothies.

ZOJO say "introduce this beauty elixir into your daily diet and you'll be able to unveil your body with real confidence".

It'll improve your metabolism, support your digestive system, speed up fat burning, increase collagen production, decrease your appetite and regulate blood sugar levels. 

I think I'd need to take the supplement for a longer period of time to see huge differences but I'm impressed with the improvements in my gut health and overall vitality.

Mix 5g of powder into your chosen liquid and enjoy! 

Have you tried ZOJO Beauty Elixirs yet?

*complimentary - sent to me as part of the Love Lula Accredited Blogger Program. My post contains one affiliate link.

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