Tuesday, 30 October 2018

October Book Round-Up

Here's what I've been reading in October (I thought it was going to be a slow month but I've overwhelmed my expectations!)

Bad Girls - A History of Rebels and Renegades by Caitlin Davies - this is an absolutely fascinating account of the history of HMP Holloway and it's inmates.

From the suffragettes who were force fed (awful to read about), to socialites and sporting stars, prostitutes and nightclub queens as well as normal people who were imprisoned for things like "treason and murder, for begging, performing abortions and stealing clothing coupons, for masquerading as men, running brothels and attempting suicide". 

We hear about those who were hanged and those who were reprieved. Stories about Ruth Ellis, Edith Thompson, Myra Hindley, Annie Walters, a German Spy along with ordinary prisoners who lived in appalling conditions to those who could live in relative luxury if they could afford it. The author herself actually worked as a teacher within the prison walls. Would recommend as it's an interesting read.

Home by Karen Dionne (when I bought this I didn't realise it was the Marsh King's Daughter under a new name - I already had Marsh King nestling on my kindle!)

Helena's childhood was very unusual and she's managed to keep it from her husband and daughters until the day her father, escapes from prison and she knows he'll come looking for her... She was born in captivity. Her father kidnapped her mother and they lived in the remote marshes. She loved her father - he was the one who taught her all she knows - to hunt and survive.

The story goes between the past and the present and we learn about Helena's childhood and her relationship with her parents to her current happy married life with her own business and family. She knows she'll have to hunt for her father if he's to go back to prison where he belongs.... a fast paced and exciting read. Would recommend.

One Dark Night by Tom Bale* - I took part in the blog blitz last week. See my review HERE.

Five Days of Fog by Anna Freeman* - I absolutely loved this! It's not published until the beginning of November so I'll share my review in my November roundup.

Dead End - DI Kelly Porter #3 by Rachel Lynch* - oh I just love this series! 

The 7th Earl of Lowesdale is found hanged in his study at the Hall with his safe missing. DI Kelly Porter and the team need to find out if this was foul play. There's another case running alongside - could they be connected?

Two young female hikers go missing and when digging for clues the team find that another two women have disappeared. 

Young Zac was distraught to find his grandfather and is pleased to have the support of the local woman who cooks and cleans at the Hall and the gardener. Are they who they say they are? Secrets hang over everyone at the Hall.

Kelly finds out that her mother is connected with the Hall and parties that the Earl and his wife had in the 70s. She also finds out something about herself she's not sure she likes (I'm looking forward to this being explored in the next book). We also take off where we left off with Kelly's boyfriend, the lovely Johnny. Their relationship seems to be getting more serious (love). Her sister is still being the proverbial pain - they just can't get along as they are so different.... 

A great story full of twists and turns (I'd decided who was guilty) for the story to flip around once again. Just brilliant.

Bone Deep by Sandra Ireland - the story follows eccentric Mac, a historian who is writing stories based on folklore and employs Lucie as a Girl Friday type assistant. The story is told in alternating chapters.

They both have secrets which start to unravel and Mac's son Arthur, a baker is caught in the middle.  Why is the old mill out of bounds, what happened there? And what is Lucie hiding from her sister.. 

A darkly addictive and creepy read which I really enjoyed.

Forget My Name by J S Monroe* - A woman turns up at Tony and Laura's home convinced it's her home. She's forgotten her name and has lost her bag at the airport with her keys, purse and passport inside. She knows the quirky layout of the house and all about the village.

Tony thinks she's got amnesia and invites her to stay the night, even cooking her dinner. Laura's a bit apprehensive about it all but gives in and arranges an appointment with the GP in the morning.

Tony decides to name her until she remembers her own name and this in itself brings it's own problems... it's a real twisty read which had me on the edge of my seat throughout and so cleverly written. There are so many twists which I didn't see coming. Loved it.

Fatal Promise - DI Kim Stone #9 by Angela Marsons* - this series keeps getting better and better. 

A man is discovered in the local woodlands brutally murdered and Kim and the team quickly get to work to find out why and by whom. They surprisingly discover he's known to them as he was connected to their previous case. His son is suddenly involved in a car crash - can the cases be connected? A woman's body is found in strange circumstances and there seems to be a link which involves all the cases...but what..

Kim and the Team are still suffering after one of their own died and are finding it hard to adjust to a new officer working with them.  Stacey is running her own investigation alongside regarding a missing teen as well as working with Penn on data and CCTV analysis. He's not Dawson and never will be but she grudgingly finds she can work with him.

The race is on to find the killer and the links between the cases before more innocent victims die. An absolutely amazing read. Roll on book #10.

What Happened to Us by Faith Hogan* - I just devoured this fabulous read.

Carrie finds herself dumped by her long term partner. Kevin's her partner in both life and business but he's just announced he's in love with their young Columbian waitress and he's leaving her.

Life is hard for her seeing them everyday at the restaurant and Carrie is understandably heartbroken. The pain is softened however by gorgeous little pup Teddy she found at the back of the restaurant and the mysterious stranger who becomes her friend. He has connections with her friend Jane who owns the pub across the street.

When things go wrong for Kevin he thinks he'll be able to get Carrie back but she's moved on and wants to start afresh with the new and happy life she's forged for herself. An absolutely brilliant read. I loved it.

The Doll Collector by Joanna Stephen-Ward* - oh my this is a real creepy read. It's not out until near the end of November so I'll share my review in my November Book Round-Up.

The Orchid Girls by Lesley Sanderson* - which is published in the middle of November. Again, I'll share my thoughts in my November book round-up (it's brilliant).

Displacement by Anne Stormont - this had been nestling on my kindle for some time (shame on me!). I've accepted a spot on the blog tour for Settlement, Anne's follow-up book so I felt I needed to read the first book (although they can be read as standalones).

Rachel has just lost her mum having nursed her at the family croft on the Island of Skye. She's divorced, estranged from her daughter and still mourning her son. She feels lost. She's got her good friend Morag and her husband down the road but it's not enough.

Her new neighbour, Jack, an ex-cop helps her when she really needs it and becomes her friend. I loved Poppy, Jack's little granddaughter who comes to stay and you see what a warm hearted and kind lady Rachel is. Poppy is over the moon that Rachel writes and illustrates her favourite story about Seamus the Sheep.

Her brother is settled in Israel with his family and after counselling she decides to pay a visit to learn about the Jewish side of her family. She also meets her brother's attractive artist friend Eitan who brings her out of her shell and helps her live a little. On a trip with her sister-in-law to Palestine she meets a wise innkeeper who advises her.

She knows she wants more with Jack, a real relationship but doesn't know if he feels the same way... It's a story of love, friendship, loss and heartache and I absolutely loved it.

What have you been reading this month?

*copy from the publisher via netgalley


  1. Thank you Sandra. It was great to read your review.Thrilled and relieved you liked the book.

    1. Just brilliant Anne, thanks very much for commenting x