Monday, 2 July 2018

Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box: Mystery Box

I'm always thrilled by the thought of a mystery beauty box. Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box are offering a surprise box with two items inside at a tenner including P&P - exciting! Making it an affordable treat, small gift or for those who live in England, an end of term teacher gift (Scottish schools broke up last week).

And so for a closer look.....


Inside is 90g "Feel Great" Mouthwatering Mandarin Coffee Scrub (worth £6.99) from Optait which has a zingy citrus scent. I find this coffee scrub great to use - perfectly scrubby and effective. I'm a fan of their "The Hungover" Coffee Scrub in Potent Peppermint. See my review HERE. I'm looking forward to trying this new scent.

My second surprise is TOSé Apothecary's gorgeous Wild Rose, Frankincense & Myrrh Facial Serum (30ml - £28) which is a brilliant second addition to the box. I've tried this beautiful serum before (REVIEW) and more than delighted to have it back in my life!

I'm very impressed with my great value "mystery box". Pick yours up HERE. If you decide to buy one please let me know what's inside!


  1. Thank you for sharing and so pleased you enjoyed your mystery box ! Enjoy ! 💚

    1. Very welcome and such fabulous value x