Saturday, 7 July 2018

Palm & Soul: The Beauty Serum Cocktail Bar: Beauty Serum Cocktail

I've loved Palm & Soul for a long time having fallen for their beautiful products as far back as 2012! See my review of their Three Rose Deep Balm for Face & Neck HERE.

Shopping at Palm & Soul should be a slow and leisurely experience so grab yourself a glass of wine, G&T or cup of tea and nestle down to be seduced by the gorgeous ranges. I had the real pleasure of picking my own bespoke Beauty Serum* from the Beauty Serum Cocktail Bar

Serums are presented in a 30ml pump bottle and range in price from £27-£59 depending on the ingredients selected. You can see selections HERE.

Choose 1 shot, 2 shots, 3 shots - STAGE 1 is The Mixers - Pure Raw Plant Oils - pick 1 or 2, STAGE 2 is The Shots - Active Powerhouse ingredients with high potency content to give your beauty cocktail a kick! STAGE 3 is The Twist - aromatic essentials which rebalance and enhance mood and wellbeing. Kathy, Palm & Soul's founder will select your chosen ingredients and blend, shake and pour them together before sending the finished product to you in the post!

I chose ingredients which appealed most to me and how my skin and mood was feeling at the time. My first pick in STAGE 1 was Watermelon Seed Oil which is a light oil which absorbs quickly, is nourishing and suitable for combination and sensitive skin types. STAGE 2 saw me pick Arctic Blackcurrant Seed Oil which is stuffed full of Omegas 3 and 6. It balances and gives dull skin a pick me up.

You can use the 2 shot serum as it is or add an essential twist. For STAGE 3 I picked Neroli which as well as smelling gloriously floral is uplifting, regenerating, calming and helps to soothe worries away. My second essential oil pick was Orange Peel which balances and uplifts. 

To use: on face at night after cleansing or as a body serum (you know how much I adore a multi-use product!)

My choice of raw plant oils and essential oils came in at £51 as I'd picked a ROYAL OIL (Neroli). The blend is exquisite and I absolutely adore it!  My skin feels more radiant, rejuvenated and balanced and that scent...just perfection!



  1. This sounds amazing ! What a great concept to choose your own ingredients 💚