Saturday, 14 July 2018

A. Florence Skincare

I've had the real pleasure of trying some of the products* from A. Florence Skincare (which I can honestly say is one of my favourite finds of '18 - the skincare is just SO good - thanks so much for connecting with me on instagram!) The products are created and formulated by founder Tina Saunders who has a background in pharmaceuticals, spa and beauty and nutrition and are hand crafted in small batches in London. Packaging is recyclable with little branded re-usable bags used instead of boxes (love) and each formulation is fully assessed by an independent chartered chemist.

A lot of time is spent on research and development "our passion lies in creating intelligent formulations, including ingredients which have been supported by clinical studies and resonate with our holistic principles of skincare".

Ingredients used include Virgin cold pressed wild crafted oils, organic botanical extracts, prebiotics, probiotics, Vitamins B3 and B5, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, 24 Karat Gold, Silver and plant ceramides - you just know the range is going to be so special!

Balm-to-Milk Cleanser & Make-up Remover with Hibiscus+Rose+Zeolite (100ml - £29, 30ml - £12)* this organic waterless balm is rich in negatively charged zeolite which attracts and eliminates pollution from the surface of the skin. The rich balm melts on contact with dry warm skin and makes short work of removing make up and daily grime. 

This stunning cleanser is formulated with a mixture of skin loving oils, waxes and clay and lightly scented with Rose Otto, Blood Orange, May Chang, Cedarwood & Ylang Ylang.

To use: apply a small amount to dry skin and massage with your fingertips. Wet your fingertips and keep massaging and the cleanser will emulsify the oils into a delicate milk. Massage for 20 seconds or so before removing with a warmed damp muslin cloth.

It's absolutely beautiful and takes cleansing to another level. Add this to your cleansing ritual. Pick yours up HERE.

Best-selling Fragrance Free Hydration Booster Serum with Hyaluronic Acid+B5+Niacinamide (30ml - £36, 10ml - £14)* is one of the most amazing Hyaluronic Acid type serums I've tried. It plumps and brightens, helps to keep hormonal breakouts and inflammation at bay, tones and smoothes. 

To use: apply AM and PM for all skin types. Use on it's own or mix with any of the oil serums depending on your skin's needs.  

Intense Night Repair Oil with 0.2% Retinol+Alpha Lipoic Acid+CO-Q10 (20ml - £38, 5ml - £12)* this multi-correctional night oil contains potent and clinically proven anti-ageing actives. Retinol normalises and regulates and can increase cell thickness and the production of collagen from within. 

Use at night only (and apply SPF during the day). Suitable for all skin types but best for normal, dehydrated, dry, wrinkles, pigmentation and rough skin. Fragrance Free. To use: apply on its own or layered with Hydration Booster Serum.

The final item I tried from the range is their Skin Barrier Restoring Oil-Serum with Cholesterol+Ceramides+Oat (20ml - £36, 5ml - £11)* this fragrance free concentrated facial oil-serum has been formulated with skin building ingredients to deeply nourish and regenerate vulnerable and compromised skin which has lost the ability to protect and maintain itself due to a lipid deficiency, pH aberration, inflammation or harsh cosmetic overuse.

To use: use on it's own or mixed into your favourite skincare product or Hydration Booster. Add a couple of drops of Super Serum to create a nourishing daytime moisturiser.

As I said previously, I've just been blown away by how good and effective these products are. Pick yours up HERE.


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