Thursday, 25 October 2012

Palm & Soul Three Rose Deep Balm for Face & Neck

I've been wanting to try this richly scented balm made with Moroccan, Damascan & Bulgarian roses for ages.  I decided to treat myself and it arrived on Monday.  Three Rose Deep Balm for Face & Neck is simply gorgeous! I chose the Handcrafted round box option which comes with a 25ml glass beaker and a handcrafted maple wooden spoon.  Would make such an amazing gift.

Retailing at £30 for the option I chose.  You can also buy on its own for £27 or in a plusher black gift box with ribbon for £32.  Postage in the UK is free for orders placed up until the end of December.

I placed my order and received an email stating that my balm would be freshly made and I was given an estimated despatch time - a nice touch I thought.  On despatch I received another email (Friday) and I picked it up from the Post Office on Monday before work.

Look how gorgeous it all is!  The balm and accessories come in a mini round wooden box, with crinkled black paper and rose petals.  You also receive a mini how to use leaflet.

Kathy who creates the Palm & Soul range is a holistic & clinical aromatherapist and complimentary therapist and has specialised in women's health & beauty over the last decade.  Palm & Soul products are made with rich raw plant oils, butters, Vitamin E and essential oils which are carefully hand blended.

The ranges available are - Three Rose, Sparkling (Melissa, Bergamot & Rosemary), Grounding (Frankincense, Patchouli & Ginger), Levelling (Neroli, Grapefruit & Rosemary) and Nurturing (Palmarosa, Pure Norfolk & Swedish Beeswax).  The range includes balm, solid oil moisturiser travel companion, facial oil and body oil).  You can see the full range here.

The solid oil moisturiser travel companion in Three Rose is coming soon!

All products are made using certified organic products where possible and there are no chemicals used.  All packaging is kept minimal and all is recyclable.

You can use the Three Rose Deep Balm for Face & Neck in three ways (as you know I so love a multi-purpose product!)

One: As it is - to nourish and protect dry skin - using circular movements apply a little balm to face and neck last thing at night.  Apply daily to dry patches.  Can also be applied to clean dry feet last thing at night to balance hormones.

Two: As a Warming Balm - for an intense face and neck treatment - place a small amount of balm in the beaker using the wooden spoon and place in a bowl of hot (not boiling) water.  The balm will melt slightly and turn into a thick liquid.  Stir with the spoon.  Massage the balm with your fingertips onto your face and neck.  Massaging balm behind your neck can help ease tense muscles.

Three: As a Cooling Balm - use your spoon to place a small amount of balm into your glass beaker.  Put beaker into the fridge for 15 minutes.  Massage balm into your temples.  Placing cooling balm on the back of your neck can also ease headaches.

My thoughts?  I love this product, it smells of roses, one of my most favourite scents. It is rich and nourishing on the skin and is a real pampering "spa" type product.  I love that you can use it warm (pure bliss), as it is, or cool (which really helps with headaches/stressful and (probably summer) times.  I love that you can use it on dry patches on the body and also your feet.  I find, as recommended "dabbing a little under your nose to to help re-balance your mood and ease stress" a fantastic remedy to stressful moments!  One of these products I always want to have.

Have you used this or any other Palm & Soul products?


  1. Thank you so much for this fab review - I'm so pleased you like it!

    1. I love it! A product I don't want to run out of..ever! x

  2. That little spoon is so cute! This sounds lovely xx

    1. I know its so dinky! Recommend the balm its really gorgeous x

  3. This set looks so good! I haven't tried anything from Palm & Sole but it's definitely on my radar now.

  4. this looks stunning and a beautiful product - definitely going on my wishlist!! x

  5. Oh wow!! This looks amazing! How beautiful and I love rose scented products x

    1. It's really pampering and smells amazing x