Friday, 10 July 2020

Ffern Organic Small Batch Perfume: Summer20

It's always a happy day when my new Ffern Organic Small Batch Perfume arrives! It costs £69 a quarter (32ml) and Summer20 is sublime (it arrives for the summer solstice (it arrived just slightly after). You can see my review of Spring20 HERE and Winter20 HERE. As you'll know the perfumes are created for the names on the ledger, which gives the perfume an edge of exclusivity - join the waiting list HERE.

As ever, the packaging makes my heart sing - it's a real joy to open a Ffern delivery. Inside the letterbox friendly box you'll find your full size vegan, natural EdP perfume and a sample - try the sample and if you fall instantly head-over-heels in love you're allowed to open the full size. If not, you can sent the full size back intact for a refund/the next quarter. Of course, I loved mine on very first sniff!

The sample bottle has changed to be a normal spray vial (I kind of liked the quirky little dabber bottle). As ever, there's a very informative leaflet listing the notes and story behind the scent. My bottle this time is numbered 169 and as ever the names of the noses are there too (which is a nice touch!) Thank you Elodie Durande & Francois Robert for another exquisite creation. 

"Baked earth. Midsummer heat. A heady Tuscan afternoon
An early evening walk through the orange grove
Scorched earth harbouring the heat of the day"

Top Notes: Sicilian Lemon rind, Somalian Olibanum, Iranian Ferula Gummosa root, Green Mandarin, Brazilian Bitter Orange, Sri Lankan Cinnamon Leaf, Key Lime rind from Peru

Mid Notes: Calabrian Bergamot rind, Indonesian Nutmeg, Russian Coriander seed, Nepalese Jasmine, Tunisian Neroli and Egyptian Basil

Base Notes: Haitian Vetiver root, Virginian Red Cedar and Benzoin Siam from Laos

It really is a stunning summer scent which evolves as you wear it. It's citrus with spice and herbal notes as well as being slightly floral too (I love that it contains my favourite neroli). Love it Ffern!

I'm also sharing a little pic of my collection (which brings me so much joy).

Are you on the Ledger? If so, do you love Summer20 as much as me?

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  1. This is such a great idea. I love the fact you can try a sample before committing to keeping the full size.