Thursday, 9 July 2020

*Blog Tour: The Secret of Creek Cottage by Tina M Edwards

*ARC sent to free of charge to enable me to take part in the blog tour. Today I'm on the blog tour for The Secret of Creek Cottage by Tina M Edwards.

1916: While the Great War rages through Europe, in the small coastal village of Trunrowan, Cornwall, life for Loveday Nance could not be more different. With her husband Will away fighting, the reality of having a longed-for child of her own seems to be slipping away with each day that passes.
Present-day: Kitty and Ben Gridley decide to leave their busy lives in Bristol hoping for a quieter way of life in the pretty village of Trunrowan, Cornwall. Little do they realise the impact that moving into Creek Cottage will have on them. When Kitty begins to experience strange things happening at the cottage, she is certain there is a secret harboured within its stone walls.
'The Secret of Creek Cottage' is a tale that follows the lives of two families, almost a century apart.

About the author:

Tina M Edwards is an internationally published writer of poetry and flash fiction. She is editor of The Beach Hut, an online writing platform that encourages writing for wellbeing, particularly words that have been inspired by the coast and nature. The Secret of Creek Cottage is her first novel.

My thoughts?

I loved this story set in two timelines. In 1916 we meet Loveday and Will Nance who stay in a lovely wee village in Cornwall in Rowan Cottage which has it's own cove. Will is away fighting in the Great War. She misses him terribly and longs for a child of their own. 

In the present day Kitty and Ben Gridley have left the city and set up home at Creek Cottage. Ben's the local dentist and Kitty is studying to be a Medical Herbalist - she's started to grow flowers and herbs in the garden and is clearing out the old shed to dry her flowers and blend her elixirs.

We learn about Loveday's daily life and work and the horrors Will witnesses in the trenches. When he send her the King's Shilling with his letter she instinctively knows she'll wear it close to her heart. The local wise woman makes contact as she knew Loveday's mother and tells her that she must come to her if she needs help. 

Kitty and Ben come across a fraying ribbon which has been tangled around their cat's paw which bears a tiny coin. While clearing out the shed she finds things from the past and finds she has an urge to research the former inhabitants of the cottage. There's strange noises in the house that only she seems to be able to hear until her old friend and family visit and their daughter Ruby sees something unexplained... 

Will returns from war a different man. Wounded and angry. Loveday finds she can do nothing right (today Will would be treated for PTSD) again, she turns to Mrs Comp and then things happen which change Loveday's live forever...

I loved the connections which are interwoven between the two stories which connect the past to the present.  A beautiful read which I really enjoyed and would recommend.

Pick your copy up HERE (from 10th July)

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