Saturday, 5 October 2019

*Elm Road: Petals Studio Candle

*productsample I've had the real pleasure of trying Petals Studio Candle (£34 - 200g)* from Elm Road. Founder, Miguel Ángel had a stressful corporate lifestyle and after a walk in Golden Gate Park while he was in San Francisco on business he felt de-stressed, calm and his senses heightened by the beautiful natural aromas. He decided to investigate scents and study aromatherapy. Each candles scent is carefully and lovingly created and I can honestly say Petals is one of the nicest candles I've ever burned (the ranges also include a votive candle, reed diffuser, aromatherapy mist and tealights). 

I was very kindly sent glorious Petals, which is a blend of exotic Tuberose, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang (the scent and throw is sublime). The candle has a burn time of 60hrs and has the evenest burn (another gold star for this element!) Rapeseed and Soy Wax with plant derived and paraben free botanical fragrances with a cotton wick. The candles are hand poured into a black matt tumbler and are Vegan.

"Escape to the most beautiful garden in the world: Jardins du Château de Versailles. Fragrant blooms and velvety petals not only fill the palace inside and out, but adorn its many paintings and tapestries. Reminding us of times past and its famous inhabitants including Marie Antoinette".

I'm so impressed with everything about these glorious candles - gorgeous natural ingredients, exquisite aroma, even burn and fantastic throw (which I could still smell the next morning - that's what I want from a candle!) I know for sure I'll be back for more! Pick yours up HERE.

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