Monday, 16 September 2019

UpCircle Beauty: You Brew-ty Pamper Kit + Chai Soap Double Trouble

UpCircle Beauty formerly known at Optait (I loved their Coffee Body Scrub with Peppermint, and I'm relived to see it's still there!) have had a revamp and name change (and I'm loving the new packaging and name!)

I recently bought You Brew-ty Pamper Kit (£5.99) which is the perfect try me size/for travel and Chai Soap Double Trouble (which is currently reduced from £13.98 to £9.99).

Inside the pamper kit is sample sizes of the Body Scrubs, the Face Scrubs and the Face Serum (8g x Body Scrub - Peppermint, Lemongrass & Tangerine, 8g x Face Scrub - Floral, Herbal, Citrus plus 2ml sachet of Organic Face Serum).

Obviously I adore the Peppermint Body Scrub but the star of the pack was for me the new Award Winning Organic Face Serum with Coffee Oil which gave my skin a beautiful nourishing glow! Full size is of course on the wishlist!

The soaps are creamy, spicy and gently exfoliating (and did I say, their scents are incredible - chai and herbal tea springs to mind - they are of course made with residual chai spices) The soaps are long lasting and keep their shape, are 100% natural and suitable for use on the face and body.

I've been loving what I've recently tried. What are your favourites from UpCircle Beauty?

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