Tuesday, 17 September 2019

*Laouta: Dark Resin All Natural Soy Wax Wood Wick Candle

*sent to me free of charge as a Love Lula Accredited Blogger Program member. All thoughts are genuine (there are no affiliate links). I've been trying Laouta's newest launch - their All Natural Soy Wax Wood Wick Candle in Dark Resin (£25 - 200g)* which is made with 100% Eco Soy Wax.

The candle comes presented in a recyclable box and the candle within is in a rustic handmade ceramic pot with a wooden wick which gives a nice crackling noise when burning. (there is a circle on the pot above the Laouta branding which I'm not sure is meant to be there or not! For me it spoils the look of the candle). The rim also has some black marks on it which for me, would make it a no-no for gifting.

The candle does look nice when burning.

I didn't find that there was much a throw with the scent (nor, for me did it smell of dark resin). The scent was more citrus/floral - I was expecting amber, patchouli and woods - so that's disappointing too. I also found it tunnelled rather than burning smoothly.

So, in summary unfortunately the candle is not for me - I prefer ones with a huge throw (and which smell of the scent you are expecting). I do however love Laouta's Beach Body Oil* and Repair Hair Oil* (see my review HERE). What's your favourites from the brand?

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