Sunday, 29 March 2020

March: Lately I've Been Loving: My Chronicle Book Box, Pure Anada, Kiss the Moon, Bloom+The Simple Things mags

Everything changed so much in March with the coronavirus - I hope everyone is staying well and safe. *Means I've received something free of charge for review. Here's what I've been loving in March:

Hubby made Kedgeree, a delicious mix of basmati, smoked haddock, onion, curry paste and boiled eggs with a sprinkling of chopped parsley. We had it for brunch (but would have it for dinner too!)

My first My Chronicle Book Box which I reviewed HERE. It's such a carefully thought out subscription.

*I fell head-over-heels for Pure Anada's Peppermint Cream Effervescent Bath Soak* and Cocoa Body Butter*. The scent is almost good enough to eat - sugary mint with a touch of vanilla. Just sublime. This duo is fabulous for a non-calorific treat. See my review HERE and pick yours up HERE

*A truly decadent box of treats from Award Winning Kiss the Moon. The luxe packaging, beautiful scents with effective formulas just make my heart sing. Perfect for a moment of calm before bed. You can see my review of their GLOW Bedtime Bath Salts* HERE and their CALM after Dark Face Face Oil* HERE. A review is coming shortly for their gem CALM After Dark Sleep Balm*. The range is perfect for some me-time and to calm and relax both the body as well as the mind.

Lovely lifestyle magazines - my favs being Bloom and The Simple Things - with two gorgeous covers! I adore the 'lil' birds on a branch!

What's given you joy throughout March?

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