Saturday, 24 January 2015

A chat with Antonia Burrell & Creme Supreme Moisturiser Review

Yesterday I had the very real pleasure of a telephone interview with Antonia Burrell and I was able to ask her about her some questions about herself and her skincare range. I must admit I did get a bit tongue-tied and didn't ask nearly as many questions as I should have! Thanks so much for your time Antonia and to Babushka Communications for arranging it!

Have you always been interested in Natural Beauty?

Not always. It became apparent when working as a Business Manager for Aveda for six years and this really opened her eyes to natural beauty.

What inspired you to launch Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare and train as a Therapist?

Antonia trained as a Therapist at 19. She'd always been fascinated about skincare and anything to do with the skin. In her teens she found that when asking about her skin type at beauty counters there was a lot of inconsistency as to how her skin was assessed so she decided to research everything there was to know about skin and spent time reading and researching as well as being a frequent visitor at a bookshop in Derbyshire browsing the beauty shelves.  Her mum's beauty routine also inspired her.

What's your favourite product?

Mask Supreme 7-in-1 - mine too!

Are there any new products in the pipeline?

Absolutely - it's top secret! I'm personally hoping for some body care items.

What is your number one skincare tip?

Cleansing. Make sure to double cleanse every night.

I have been trying out Antonia's Creme Supreme Facial Moisturiser (£68 - 50ml)* for the last few weeks.  The cream is 100% natural and is a great anti-ageing moisturiser as well as helping to clear up blemishes and reduce redness.

This wonder moisturiser boosts radiance, calms inflammation, reduces dark spots, evens skin tone, hydrates, plumps the skin, firms, soothes and smoothes. I also find it really mattifies my oily T-zone.

It is a light cream which is easily absorbed, feels comfortable on the skin and has a pleasant fruity and slightly herbal scent.

The moisturiser is infused with an anti-acne complex which can help reduce acne and improve oily skin as well as Larch extract, a natural SPF booster with UV absorbing properties and it is a plant alternative to collagen which will help to minimise fine lines and firm and tone the skin leaving it radiant and renewed. It also includes Patented Olive Leaf Extract which protects, detoxifies and clarifies. Mango Seed is stuffed full of antioxidant Vitamins and the cream is enriched with Amazon patented bio-actives which balance oily skin.

I've found the cream leaves my skin looking healthy, soft, smooth and glowy and it takes my skincare routine to another level.  I'm also a huge, huge fan of Antonia's amazing Mask Supreme 7-in-1* see my review here.

Have you tried any Antonia Burrell products?

*PR samples


  1. Antonia Burrell is definitely at the top of my wishlist! This moisturizer sounds like a cure-all and I'm always a fan of a great mask. Lovely interview!

    1. You must try! Both these products are so fab and I'm sure you'd love them! Thanks :) x

  2. Great interview, lovely to read all her answers and her products are definitely something I want to try in the near future, especially the Mask Supreme x

    1. Thanks! I definitely want to try some more products from the range. I think you'd love!

  3. Nice interview! Good to know more about this brand x

  4. Isn't she the sweetest, great post I have put the cream supreme next on the testing list! Xx

  5. :) sure you will love! After my spending ban I'm getting the Forest Dew Skin Conditioner or one of the serums I think! x

  6. awesome! I LOVE AB products! Esp this moisturizer which is incredible for my acne prone skin. This is def my favorite cream of all time. great post :) ♥ stop by and chat!

    1. I agree the cream is incredible! I definitely want to try more from the range x