Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Ffern Organic Small Batch Perfume: Winter 21

I've had my Ffern Winter 21 since the Solstice in December (21st) but hadn't got round to posting about it! I've been struggling to blog this year and I've found this lockdown really hard compared to the earlier one. Hopefully with spring around the corner I'll begin to buck up! (I also felt the need to post as the Equinox is approaching (20th March, and the delight of a new perfume). I've loved all the perfumes I've tried so far -  click the links for reviews - Winter 20Spring 20Summer 20 and Autumn 20.

Winter 21 is unisex, vegan, all natural, twice aged and bottled in Devon. Each bottle is numbered (mine's 265) and bears the names of the noses. As ever inside the box is a sample, try the sample if you love it, feel free to break the seal on the full size. So far, I've loved them all...

Winter 21 reflects on the Highlands in winter highlighting on the unique crisp air. Lemon, Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Lavender cool while herbaceous notes of Juniper, Black Pepper, Fir Balsam and Cedar give the evergreen edge. Oakmoss, Tarragon and Seaweed creates an earthy fresh aroma. Birch Tar gives the perfume a smokey peaty note. Spicy Cardamon, Clove Buds and a hint of Patchouli give the perfume a warmth.

"In the wilds of winter the mountain air sings"

The ingredients are blended in Italian grain vodka and water. With top notes of: Peppermint (Yakima Valley, Washington), Lemon Rind (Northern Sicily, Italy), Sweet Orange (Minas Gerais Orange Belt, Brazil), Bergamot Rind (Calabria, Italy), Clove Bud (NE Coast, Madagascar) and Blue Gum Eucalyptus (Yunnan Plateau, China). These notes are fresh, cooling and aromatic. With mid notes of: Cardamom (Alta Verapaz Cloud Forests, Guatemala), Lavender (Provence, France), Patchouli (Java, Indonesia), Vetiver Root (Les Cayes, Haiti), Balsam Fir (East of Calgary, Canada) and Red Cedar (Virginia, North America) which are spicy, woody and warming with a hint of evergreen. With base notes: Black Tang Seaweed (Brittany, France), Oakmoss (Samokov Hills, Macedonia), Tarragon Leaf (South, France), Red Juniper (Virginia, North America) and Birch Tar (North East, North America) which gives a distinctive smokey and spicy aroma.

As ever, it's a stunning interpretation which starts off fresh, citrus and light and develops as you wear it with the spicy and green notes quickly coming through before mellowing to aromatic peaty woods.  I love it! Are you on the ledger?

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