Wednesday, 8 August 2018

NEOM Organics: Nourish & Breath for Day & Night Hand Balm Duo

Of course I had to stop by NEOM's recent sale where I picked up their Nourish & Breath for Day & Night Hand Balm Duo (2 x 50ml) at a bargainous £15 plus p&p. You can pick up a single one at £15 so I was delighted with my purchase.

The hand balms are super rich, smell glorious and deeply nourish and soothe the hands and the soul! Formulated with ingredients including shea and cocoa butters and pure essential oils. Inside the set is: from their scent to boost your energy range - Nourish, Breathe & Energise Hand Balm which has a delicious fresh, zesty and uplifting scent - this one sits beside my chair in the living room or comes out and about with me in my handbag. The second one in the duo is scent to sleep - Nourish, Breath & Sleep Hand Balm which contains sleep inducing essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile and Patchouli among others which makes the balm perfect to use before bed.

My hands and nails feel cared for, nourished and pampered and these will be bought again! I recently picked up their latest skincare launch Perfect Night's Sleep Cleansing Balm & Cloth so expect a review soon! I'm totally in love with NEOM Organics at the moment!

What's your favourite NEOM Organics product(s)?

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  1. You know Neom is one of those brands i always see around but i have never tried i should look into it more