Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Thai Square Spa: iMantara Hair & Body Range

I've been trying out several products from Thai Square Spa's iMantara Spa range. The Spa opened in 2010 in Covent Garden, London and is a haven of tranquility and escape from the bustle of the city.

There are five Thai Massage Treatment rooms, six Ritual Massage rooms and a VIP suite along with Hot and Cold zones. See more information HERE.

iMantara products are beautiful. Scented with Thai Jasmine Flower extract they are perfect for spring and summer and inspired by centuries of Thai massage technique and holistic know how and are a real treat for both the skin and senses.

I've been trying out 4 products from the range - So Sen Uplifting Jasmine Massage & Body Oil* (£25.95 - 250ml) which is a rich and sumptuous blend of skin loving oils scented with exotic Jasmine. All you need are a few drops massaged over the skin to deeply hydrate and leave the skin delicately scented. LOVE!

The second body care product I've been trying is their Peaceful Palms Balancing Jasmine & Citrus Hand Lotion* (£12.95 - 240ml) which is presented in a pump action bottle. It softens and nourishes and leaves the hands feeling comfortable and deliciously scented.

The final two items I've been testing are Jasmine High Shine Shampoo* (£9.95 - 200ml) and Jasmine High Shine Healing Conditioner* (£9.95 - 220ml) which are currently sat beside my shower. I love the pump bottle for shampoo which delivers exactly the right amount needed and is easy to use in the shower. The shampoo gently but thoroughly cleans and restores while the creamy conditioner treats and nourishes.

I've been really impressed with this gorgeous and exquisitely scented range. Pick yours up HERE.


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