Monday, 7 May 2018

Blog Tour: A Fractured Winter by Alison Baillie

Today I'm taking part in the Blog Tour for Alison Baillie's fabulous second novel, A Fractured Winter.

"A missing girl.
Threatening notes.
Sinister Strangers.
Olivia's idyllic family life in a Swiss mountain village is falling apart. She thought she'd managed to escape the past, but it's coming back to haunt her.
Has somebody discovered her secret - why she had to leave Scotland more than ten years ago?
What is her connection to Marie, a lonely schoolgirl in a Yorkshire seaside town, and Lucy, a student at a Scottish university?
A story of shadows of the past, the uncertainties of the present and how you can never really know anybody".

My thoughts?

WOW. I couldn't put this book down and when I wasn't reading it I was thinking about it which is always the sign of a great read.

The story is set in Switzerland (wonderfully descriptive, you almost feel you are there), Edinburgh (including Portobello) and Scarborough and follows the story of Olivia and her family, husband Christian their two children and her elder son.

Two children go missing one of them is her daughter's friend and Olivia can't get them out of her head. She starts to receive chilling notes which make her blood run cold.. who here in Switzerland can know what happened in the past... 

We also learn about Marie who lived in Scarborough with parents who don't understand her and Lucy who's studying at St Andrew's Uni. Olivia meets some people who seem to understand all she's going through and she's drawn to them. Christian believes his wife shouldn't be spending time with them and this causes some friction between them - I also thought he should have been more supportive of his wife at times.

I loved how cleverly the stories are weaved together and there were lots of things I didn't see coming! It's a fast paced and twisty story which I highly recommend.

*e-copy from the author

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