Thursday, 3 May 2018

Tabitha James Kraan: Clean Range Sample Set

As you'll know I adore travel and samples sizes so imagine my delight when I came across the Clean Range Sample Set at Tabitha James Kraan

What you get is a 10ml sachet of Clean Shampoo Golden Citrus (which lasted me 2 washes), a 10ml sachet of Clean Conditioner Amber Rose (which lasted at least 6 times) and a 3ml mini bottle of their amazing Amber Rose Hair Oil sample (which was my favourite of the three). The try me set is £2.50 making it an affordable way to try SLS and Paraben free cult haircare.

My thoughts?

I've tried the original range from TJK and wasn't keen on the non-foaming Hair Cleanser but loved the 4-in-1 conditioners. I was excited to try the new Clean Shampoo which does lightly foam. The range contains no synthetic ingredients at all and uses 100% natural preservative system. The range is also Soil Association/COSMOS Organic Certified.

I got two uses from the Clean Shampoo sachet (making it ideal for weekends away). I found it foamed lightly, left the hair feeling clean and delicately scented. I feel I'd have to try it out more fully to give a measured review.

However, the Clean Conditioner sachet has multiple uses (at least 6). It's a rich and creamy deliciously scented conditioning cream (which is best used on areas needing moisture as it's super rich). TJK says "apply only to mid-lengths and ends after washing". Leave for 2-5 minutes before rinsing.

My favourite from the trio is their Scented Organic Hair Oil which is a real treat for the hair. It'll protect, polish and nurture leaving the hair frizz free and smooth. It can be used on wet or dry hair or on flyaways.

What's your favourite product(s) from Tabitha James Kraan?

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