Saturday, 24 February 2018

Formula Botanica: Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation

As you'll know I recently embarked on an exciting online course with Formula Botanica - their Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation*. You can see my initial thoughts HERE.

I'm now ready to start formulating so I thought I'd now take the time to run through the modules and coursework up to that point. It really is a brilliant course - very informative and interesting.

First up we learn about Skin Science and our learning outcome is to understand the Anatomy and structure, function and physiology. There are course notes, videos and a skin poster which allow you to understand the skin and what it needs to remain healthy. At the end of the module there is a test (which I had to take twice before passing!)

We move onto Holistic Care of the skin and then (exciting) formulating skills: getting started. This module teaches us about ingredients and encourages us to research all the ingredients available to us. We are encouraged to start our formulating journey small with a few ingredients. Here are some of the ones I've selected so far:

Amphora Aromatics very kindly sent me these carrier and essential oils*:

And I've either been given or bought these ones:

We then learn how to safely create a formula, what ingredients make up a product, what equipment we'll need and dermal restrictions for essential oils. There is lots of reading and research which needs to be done.

You need to decide what product you want to create and who it is for. There is a formulation flow chart which helps you design your product and then you can create your formula! We also learn about natural preservation, shelf life, packaging and calculating senitisers.

I'm just about to start formulating a cold blended and warm blended formulation. So hopefully on my next round-up I'll be able to share some of my creations!  Thanks again to Formula Botanica for the lovely apron and tea towel!


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