Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Glasgow Soap Company

The shop at House for an Art Lover is an absolute treasure trove of unusual and locally made gifts. (It's where I first discovered Mobros candles). A nice new discovery is the Glasgow Soap Company. The products are natural, Vegan, SLS, paraben free and are made in small batches with love and care.

I picked up three products - Sea Salt & Driftwood Handmade Soap (£3.99) which is a lush seaside inspired bar (and one I'd pick up again!) It's been created to look like waves crashing on the shore and the "sand" is scrubby with exfoliating particles of olive stone, pumice and collodial oatmeal. Love!

Of course I couldn't resist Irn-Bru lip balm (£3.99) which has a sweet taste just like Irn-Bru! The balm is made with coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax and comes in a cute little tin.

The third item I picked up were Meditation Epsom Bath Salts with Cornflowers (£3.99) which smell gorgeous and make for a relaxing soak. They are great to use after exercise to soothe aching muscles or to detoxify.

I'll definitely pick up some more items from this lovely brand. See the Etsy shop HERE. Do any of these products appeal to you?