Saturday, 30 September 2017

Holding onto Summer

Much as I love autumn I do love warm summer days. Here are the products which will help me hold onto the summertime feeling going into autumn:

A little bit of bronzer keeps me going into autumn days. This one by Bobbi Brown in Golden Light adds a light glow to the skin.

Olivine Among the Waves Lotion transports you back to the beach and summer living. It smells simply of the beach - salt air, coconut oil, tropical flowers and sea breeze. 72% organic with a cute little wooden reusable tag. It's just summer holidays in a bottle for me. 

Innovative Sun Drops* (£22) by Tropic Skincare are just perfect for holding onto summer skin and a light tan (all through winter!) Add a few drops to Skin Revive Moisturiser* for a tailor made tan with this gradual build up serum. The colour will develop leaving your skin lightly tanned and healthy looking.

Yes to Coconuts Ultra Moisture Conditioner which smells instantly of summer! The conditioner deeply nourishes the hair leaving it smelling of coconuts.

Do you use any products to help you hold onto summer?


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