Monday, 16 March 2015

Narynda Skincare Review

Narynda recently sent me some of her lovely skincare products to review.  She first started creating products for herself after being diagnosed with stress-induced dermatitis. She started experimenting with left over wax from her honey bee harvest.  The cream that she made cleared up her dermatitis and improved her skin.  

She began making products for friends and they all loved them so she decided to produce and sell them.  See the website here.

I've been really enjoying using the products Narynda sent me. My stand out products are the Toner (100ml - £12.50)* and the Heel Balm (50ml - £9.50)*. I was also sent Day Cream (50ml - £17.50)* and Cleanser (100ml - £12.50)* with cloth.

*Cleanser: this is a deeply cleansing balm which gets rid of make up and daily grime as well as moisturising the skin. Using the linen cloth provided applying a small amount in circular motions to the skin. Rinse or wipe with a warmed wet muslin cloth.  You can also slightly dampen your skin before use (my favourite way to use the cleanser) which turns the gel into a cleansing milk before splashing the skin clean with lukewarm water.

*Toner: this is the star product for me from the range. It contains neroli essential oil which smoothes, repairs, strengthens, tones and refreshes. Hyaluronic Acid nourishes, renews and moisturises. Oat peptides help to promote Collagen formation which helps with lines and wrinkles and Multi-Fruit botanical extracts promote Collagen synthesis and elasticity.  Apply to the skin using a cotton pad. I'm so used to spray toners but I found this lovely to use and it's a product I'd buy.

*Day Cream: this cream is a best-seller.  It is light and easily absorbed. I thought the cream was nice to use but I wasn't in love with the oat-y scent. It repairs, renews, regenerates and hydrates the skin. Use a small amount massaging it into the skin in circular motions.

*Heel Balm: this super rich foot balm is amazing and I can quite honestly say one of the best foot products I've ever used!  You only need the tiniest amount for soft and nourished feet. It contains Chamomile & Cranberry butters which soothe and repair the feet.  Use after your bath or shower rubbing a small amount over soles and heels.

Have you tried any products from the Narynda Skincare range? If so, what's your favourites?

*PR samples


  1. Sounds really nice! I hope to be able the try it soon once I am done with my current products :-)x

    1. The products are lovely. Sure you'd enjoy them x

  2. I've never tried this brand, but they sound lovely! I'm especially coveting the Narynda Toner. I also love the story behind this brand.

  3. The look like great products. I especially like the sound of the day cream as I've been on the search for a new one.

    Ami xxx

    1. The products are lovely! I also really loved the Thea Organic Skincare fruit enzyme creme moisturiser