Monday, 30 March 2015

March Books

The Italian Girl by Lucinda Riley - Rosanna Menici is just 11 when she meets and falls in love with Opera singer Robert Rossini.  He hears her sing and encourages her to take lessons. With the help of her brother Luca she does. He supports her every step of the way to becoming a world famous Opera singer. Her path crosses with Robert and they fall into a passionate and obsessive love affair which can only end in tears. I loved the characters, the storylines and reading about Rosanna's success.  A story of love, betrayal, grand passion and self discovery. 

His Other Life by Beth Thomas* - Grace and Adam are a normal married young couple or so it seems but he is hiding a secret.  A telephone call to Adam sets off a chain of events Grace could never have imagined. A heartbroken Grace decides she is going to find him and in doing so opens up a Pandora's box of secrets and lies... Perfect book for fans of Jojo Moyes.

The Forgiveness Project by Marina Cantacuzino* - this is an inspiring and unforgettable read.  There is an introductory essay from the author and then personal testimonies from all around the world - from survivors and perpetrators of crime, violence and rape. These are real life stories of ordinary people who are able to forgive and move on and heal. One example, is of a mother who meets her child's killer and is able to forgive.  A thought provoking read.

Hidden by Emma Kavanagh* -  this is a fast paced and gripping novel and I loved it.  A gunman is stalking the wards of a local hospital. Aden McCarthy a Police Firearms Officer is one of a team trying to track the gunman down. He's still troubled by the recent shooting of a youth on his watch.

Imogen, the hospital psychologist and her twin Marra who has secrets of her own care for Marra's daughter who has been admitted to the hospital.

The story opens with a shooting which is very dramatic and not for the faint hearted. Charlie, a local reporter is on the scene. The story is told days before the incident, in the run up to it, on the day and after it and narrated by different characters. Charlie is desperate to find out what happened to her old friend Emily and how her death seems to be linked to the boy in a coma in Ward 12. 

As with all good books I decided who the gunman was before changing my mind several times. Recommended.  Also loved Falling by Emma Kavanagh see my review here.

So you've been Publicly Shamed by John Ronson - I found this book a fascinating read enjoying some stories more than others. Ronson speaks to people who have been shamed in the public eye. We see lives that are torn apart and slowly put back together. An interesting read.

The Maestro, The Magistrate & The Mathematician by Tendai Huchu** - the story follows three men from Zimbabwe trying to make new lives in Edinburgh. The Magistrate used to be an important man back home has to come to terms with a different way of life. He enjoys walking and takes himself off on walks around the city listening to music on his walkman.  The Maestro tries to put on a show of confidence and fun in front of others but is depressed and lonely and spends his free time reading books. The Mathematician is carefree and living the student life. The story takes us around Edinburgh which I enjoyed reading about. The men's lives collide. An interesting story with characters who developed while living in a different country. Would recommend. See my review of the Hairdresser of Harare here.

No Place to Die by Clare Donoghue - this is the second book in the DI Lockyer series. See my review of the first book Never Look Back here.  No Place to Die is fast paced and un-put-downable!  

DS Jane Bennett is in charge of the murder squad while her boss DI Lockyer is suspended. An ex-colleague goes missing and his wife calls Jane. Blood is found at his home which makes Jane think something serious has happened to him.  A body of a missing young woman is found in a tomb when the police search for him.  This leads the team to question two ex-lovers of the young woman and Jane feels that something isn't right. Another tomb is discovered and the link between cases threatens the collapse of them both. The race is on to find the killer.. A fab read. I also liked finding out more about the main characters. Can't wait for book #3!

What have you been reading this month?

*copies from NetGalley
** copy from the Author


  1. Some interesting books you've read again this month - going to add a few to my list, especially like the sound of Hidden :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  2. Some really interesting sounding books - I know my other half has the Jon Ronson one so might start by borrowing that!

    1. Thanks! Yes defo recommend you borrow x