Friday, 4 January 2019

A.S Apothecary: Lush & Rosy

Even I surprised myself when I didn't end up getting many beauty products in Miami (I just couldn't find the American brands I was looking for!) So when I came home I treated myself to a few things including Lush & Rosy from A.S Apothecary.

The set (£30 plus p&p) is simply glorious. Amanda had recommended Tinkture Gin to me before so I'd already tried that (it featured in my August loves) and is quite honestly the perfect rose gin (oh and that packaging is just exquisite).

Also inside the set is Sussex Rose Aromatic Water #18 which is really something special. Spritz it on your face as a toner/refresher or over the body to calm and soothe.  It's got a gentle rosy scent and is truly beautiful.

And of course I had to try the gin with Fierce Botanics Apothecary Tonic No.1 (£3.50 a bottle) and it really is a match made in heaven.

The tonic has the perfect tangy-ness you expect from tonic. It's formulated with five different roses from floral to spicy, cinchona bark, fresh resin, citrus peel, juniper, spice blend, organic cane sugar, citric acid plus two bitter ingredients to add dryness. As with everything Amanda does the drink is exquisite and perfect with gin, rum or vodka or just as it is. Pick yours up HERE.

Lush & Rosy would make the perfect Valentine's gift or Mother's Day gift. Pick it up HERE.

Did you treat yourself to anything from A.S Apothecary for Christmas?

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