Thursday, 3 January 2019

Blue Labelle Organic Soap

I ordered some organic soap from Blue Labelle before Christmas (they are not quite up on the website yet, although available in some gift sets on the site). I picked the smallest sizes (£2-3) - they go up to a 100g size (£5).

I think they've got a chic French look and I love the simple paper bag packaging. Beautiful scents (honestly you need scratch and sniff!) are added to an organic soap base.

I've really enjoyed all three equally although I say Rhassoul Clay & Orange Blossom may just have the edge! 

Moroccan Chamomile & Rose has a gentle rosy scent which is reminiscent of Pascale's trips to Marrakech. The pink colour comes from natural iron oxides. Rhassoul Clay & Orange Blossom is simply divine. The soap cleanses like only Rhassoul Clay can and is scented with exquisite neroli. The final one I picked is Eucalyptus & Charcoal which super cleanses the skin. I've been using it in my morning shower for a wake up call.

I'm SO impressed and I can't wait to buy more!  Have you tried the soaps yet?


  1. These look beautiful! I'm loving soaps at the moment so these are going on my eber-growing wishlist 💚

    1. you won't be disappointed Emma. They really are gorgeous x