Friday, 18 January 2019

Latest in Beauty: Build Your Own Box

It's been a while since subscribed to Latest in Beauty Build Your Own Box. A friend has spotted Today's Star Product was by Ogee and so I signed up to a Beauty Enthusiast box (£15 for 6 products). I also had a welcome back code which brought the price of my returning box to £12.75. A total bargain!

I also received two extra (unexpected) treats of a full size can of Batiste dry shampoo and a mini box of Lindor chocs.

The Ogee products  Seeds of Youth Serum and Jojoba Restore Face Oil are worth £121 and £95 as spotted on the Feel Unique website so I'm looking forward very much to trying them out an a review will be forthcoming!

I also picked up Oh K! Gold Dust Under Eye Mask which is a single use eye mask that'll brighten up the under eye area.

The little pot from Scence Natural Skincare is Shining Rose Jojoba Face Balm which smells glorious. I love the cardboard pot too.

From SBC is their Cinnamon & Chai Glimmer Skincare Gel which smells amazing! I've got this one earmarked for a gift!

My final pick was Soaper Duper Fruity Green Tuberose Hand Cream which smells beautiful. A review will follow.

I'm really pleased with my December picks and will stay with Latest in Beauty for another month for sure. See how to subscribe HERE.

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