Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Jo by Jo Loves

My friend Julie gave me Jo by Jo Loves for part of my birthday. It was such a lovely and generous surprise and I absolutely love it!

Housed in a red glass bottle it epitomizes things that Jo holds dear - the colour red and the scent of grapefruit.  This is the perfume Jo created for herself (and thankfully decided to share it with us!)

With notes of Grapefruit, Lime, Bitter Orange, Spearmint, Cedarwood, Guaiac Wood, Vetiver, Hedione and Black Pepper.  It's absolutely stunning. It opens with a fresh citrus and zingy freshness, with a touch of mint and mellows with aromatic woody and spicy notes with still a touch of citrus. 

I also love Smoked Plum & LeatherPomelo and White Rose & Lemon Leaves (click the links to see my reviews).

What's your favourite perfume(s) from Jo Loves?

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