Tuesday, 20 November 2018

My Top Reads - January - June 2018

And....breathe...I've completed my 100 book challenge on Goodreads, while it's not going to stop me reading for the rest of the year it does take the pressure off! In the January - June period I read 57 books and chose my top 16:


Follow the Dead - Rhona Macleod #12 by Linn Anderson - I absolutely adore this series and have book #13 nestling on my kindle right now. 

Dark Game - DI Kelly Porter #1 by Rachel Lynch - oh this new series with feisty Kelly Porter is just fabulous. See my review in January book round up HERE.


Everything Love Is by Claire King - so loved this sensitively written tale which has so stayed with me all these months later.

Anna - One Love, Two Stories by Amanda Prowse - oh I just loved lovely Anna. A great start to an amazing series.

Bring Me Back by B A Paris - I just loved this story (and still think of it now). I was given the chance to read an alternative ending but the one chosen for the book suits me just fine.

The Missing Ones - DI Lottie Parker #1 by Patrica Gibney - I just adore this series and Lottie Parker.  See my February reviews HERE.


Star of the North by D B John - I read this amazing book in March but reviewed it when it was published in May - it was interesting and fascinating at the same time. Highly recommend.

Deadly Secrets - Detective Erika Foster #6 by Robert Bryndza - this again was not published until later and I reviewed it in my April book round-up (it's fantastic). See my March book round-up HERE.


Mark of the Devil (Inspector Jim Carruthers #3) by Tana Collins - this series just keeps getting better and better. Roll on book #4.

Restless Coffins - Detective J T Ellington #3 by M P Wright - Ever since I read Heartman (the first in the series) way back in November 2014 I've had a good friendly relationship with Mark - he always sends me first proofs and I get a mention in his books (makes my heart sing!) See my April round-up HERE.


Absent - DS Coupland Four by Emma Salisbury - I absolutely adore this series and was made up to be invited to Emma's book launch along with Joanne and Kelly in North Berwick.

Songs by Dead Girls (HET #2) by Lesley Kelly - I can honestly say I'm chuffed to know Lesley also in real life. This series is absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend it. I also loved The Art of Not Being Dead (A Health of Strangers Short Story) which featured in my March book roundup.

Dying Truth - DI Kim Stone #8 by Angela Marsons - I just adore this series. This one has an almighty twist which I wasn't sure there would be any coming back from!

Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan - I loved this carefully researched and painstakingly drawn book (in fact I could quite easily call it my book of '18 - that's how much I loved it). See my May book round-up HERE.


Tubing by K A McKeagney - a brilliant debut novel which had me on the edge of my seat throughout. Looking forward already to Kerry's second novel.

The Quaker - Duncan McCormack #1 by Liam McIllvanney - a great new series which I loved. See my June book round-up HERE.

Have you read any of these? Do we share any favourites?

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