Monday, 19 November 2018

Free with Elle Magazine - Bella Freud Close to my Heart EdP

You'll know how much I love a magazine freebie ooh and a perfume freebie - bring it on! I just picked up Elle Magazine (in a double pack with Cosmo) for £4.99. The freebie this month is Bella Freud's Close to my Heart EdP (10ml - worth £19) (the link is for the full size bottle - 50ml - £95).

The perfume is absolutely stunning and would make a great Christmas or Secret Santa gift if you can bear to part with it (buy 2!)

The scent is "oriential" and has a sensual heart of tuberose with neroli, rose de mai and jasmine. It's a really beautiful feminine scent and can be used both in daytime and into the evening and it was created with her long-time friend and perfumer, Azzi Glasser.

To use: apply to pulse points or spritz a cloud in front of you and walk into it to be enveloped in a delicate veil of scent

I adore Tuberose and Neroli so think this perfume is absolutely beautiful. It has powdery top notes which mellow into creamy florals with woody and musky base notes.  It's a beaut! And a keeper. Do you think you'll pick it up?

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