Friday, 16 November 2018

Review: Awake Organics Sea Quartz Crystal+Algae Cleanser

I've had the real pleasure of trying one of Awake Organics latest launches - their amazing Sea Quartz Crystal+Algae Cleanser* (you can buy this as a 6g sample or full size at 40g (£2.70/£31.80). Look how beautiful the packaging is!

"Amplify your daily cleanse with the power of clear quartz crystal, spirulina and hemp".

Isn't it a gorgeous colour! The Vegan blend slough dead skin cells, brightening and refining the skin. You can use daily or a couple of times a week (I use it two to three times a week).

Formulated with ingredients such as organic turmeric and brown rice each full size pot contains a carat of artisan milled clear quartz powder which infuses the product with positive energy.

It's ideal for all skin type although those with oily or very sensitive skin should use it once or twice a week. 

The gentle scrub cleanser has a sweet scent. Inside is organic blue chamomile, sweet orange, cannabis sativa oil and coconut milk.

To use: add a small amount to damp face and neck gently massaging onto the skin. Activate the milkiness by adding a few splashes of water. Rinse.

My skin looks great after use - bright, glowy and healthy.  It's definitely a keeper! Have you tried it yet?


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