Monday, 11 September 2017

Natura Siberica Northern Soap for Deep Facial Cleansing

Nature's Dream, is a leading supplier of health, wellbeing and beauty products to the UK and Irish retail markets and Natura Siberica is one of their finds (I've used their Oblepikha Hand Cream before).

The formulations are based on traditional remedies from the ancient Siberian tribes with wild harvested ingredients sourced on the unspoilt landscapes. The brand works with local tribes which brings positive changes to their lives.

I've been testing out the fabulous Northern Soap for Deep Facial Cleansing (100ml - £12)* which isn't as scary as it looks!  It's also an award winner having won the Beauty Challenger Awards at Beyond Beauty 2014 in Paris.

The soap contains highly absorbent activated charcoal which draws out impurities, binds dirt, bacteria and excess oils to the surface and leaves the skin feeling super clean, smooth and flawless. It's enriched with powerful and unique wild harvested berries and herbs formulated to a traditional ancient recipe.

The soap rejuvenates, regenerates, softens, tones and nourishes the skin while firming and detoxifying - it really does it all!

To use: wet the sponge and apply the soap to dry skin, avoiding the eyes and lips. Massage and then rinse with warm water. Use once or twice a week.

My thoughts?

I love how clean my skin feels after use. The soap is very gentle, slightly foaming and leaves the skin feeling comfortable and clean but never tight. I'll definitely be adding this as a long-term addition to my skincare regime.

You can pick yours up at selected M&S Stores from today.


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