Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Blog Tour: Our Altered Life by Charlene Beswick

Today I'm on the blog tour for Our Altered Life by Charlene Beswick.

"After a healthy twin pregnancy, Charlene and Mark were shocked to be told that one of their boys had been born with half of his face undeveloped. In seconds, the happy family future they had been planning disintegrated into turmoil and uncertainty.

Laugh out loud funny in places, heart-wrenchingly sad in others, and refreshingly honest at all times, Our Altered Life is Charlene’s wonderful account of how she struggled to forgive herself and bond with a baby she didn’t expect. Follow her transition through grief and anger, challenges and triumphs, loss and acceptance, to love for the life she has now with two children she wouldn’t change for the world".

My thoughts?

The story follows what happened when Charlene and Mark's twin boys were born two months early by emergency caesarean. They found out one of their boys had been born with only one eye, a small underdeveloped ear, no nostril and a short and slanted jaw. Understandably, they were both devastated that Harry, their much wanted son wasn't perfect like his brother Oliver. They found out Harry has Goldenhar syndrome and autism and had years of operations and uncertainty ahead of him.

You could feel Charlene's pain, frustrations, anger, disbelief and guilt. She thought it was her fault and felt lost and in a daze. The boys spent time at different hospitals while they grew stronger before they could come home. Charlene slowly got to know Harry and totally fell in love with him. 

It's hard to imagine what Charlene and Mark went through in the early days. Charlene's memoir, Our Altered Life is a real life story, very often heartbreaking but with snippets of humour and lots resilience and strength. I really recommend it.

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