Sunday, 30 July 2017

July Books

Here's what I've been reading in July:

The Serial Killer's Daughter by Lesley Welsh* -  Suzanne's not seen her dad in 10 years when the woman who was living with him asks to meet up. She tells her that he recently died and that she wants her to have his possessions including what seems like his life story...and includes photographs of young women including one of her mother. While flicking through these Suzanne is shocked to the core to see her friend Sophie among them. Sophie died 10 years ago in a fire at the studio they shared.

Something tells Suzanne that she has to investigate her father's life more closely and what she finds out will have devastating consequences. A fast paced and twisty story - her father is not what he seems - he's a ladies man, a charmer, a bully and a smooth talker who thinks he's one step ahead..A creepy read which I couldn't put down.

Ice Lake by John A Lenahan** - I took part in the blog tour for Ice Lake. See my review HERE.

We've come to take you home by Susan Gandar*** - this is a cracking read. The two stories told are cleverly interwoven. Jessica's dad leaves for war and the family - her mum and brother struggle on until they receive a telegram stating that her father has been killed in action. Jess has to take on the role of breadwinner and goes into service as a maid of all work. Life is hard but she does have glimpses of joy and happiness.

Four generations later in the present day Sam Foster's father is admitted to hospital with life changing injuries. She struggles to come to terms with it. Her dreams become more intense and she quickly realises she is seeing things which happened in the past - flashbacks to the war, the suffering, devastation and pain.

It's a story of war, family, daily life, love and heartbreak so carefully narrated. Oh and that ending made me cry. Absolutely loved it (one of my favs this year).

Marching on Together by P J Whiteley - It's August 2014 and six Leeds United supporters set off for a break in Bruges. They are all football daft and the book is littered with banter and reminiscence of previous games in the past.

They are visiting Allan and Johnny's grandad's grave on the Western Front. I found the characters interesting with their own personalities and stories. Allan is the "supposedly" successful businessman, Johnny is just out of prison and wondering if he'll ever find love and a job.  Johnny's mates Craig and Terry are there as is tomboy Petra. The sixth is Yvonne, a middle aged lady whose marriage is breaking down. She's the one who can remember all the football stories from the past and we'll find out if she "can finally accept the result of the 1975 cup final and begin to move on with her life". With great characters and storylines I loved it!

Charlie's Promise by Annmarie Allan*** - The story is set at Morison's Haven, a small harbour at Prestongrange just before the start of WW2. Charlie finds a starving German boy called Josef hiding in the woods near his home. Terrified and unable to speak English Charlie and his friend Jean manage to establish that he's got family in the city of Edinburgh along the coast.  They travel with Josef to Edinburgh and after a few scrapes reunite him with his family. A great read which I thorough enjoyed and read in two sittings!

Here and Gone by Haylen Beck* - I found this story absolutely gripping. It's fast paced and captivating.

Audrey Kinney and her two children are fleeing her abusive ex and are driving through Arizona on the way to California. She's stopped by a Sheriff who insists her car is not fit to drive. What follows is a creepy search of both her and her car. He supposedly finds drugs on her and arrests her calling on his deputy to take her children to a safe place. Audrey feels her ex must be behind this ordeal.

What follows is unbelievable. No one believes Audrey when she tells them her children were taken. They all believe she murdered them and hid the bodies. A fast paced and relentless tale we are left hoping against hope that the truth will win through. Loved it.

Together by Julie Cohen* - WOW what a book. I simply loved it. Brilliant characters and such a clever, clever storyline. One of my favourite books of 2017.  The story starts in the current day and goes back in time. The main characters of Robbie and Emily are just incredible and I loved their story. 

The story starts in 2016 and goes backwards in time. Robbie and Emily have been together for years (and what a love story theirs is!) They have two sons and family around them when they tell them their dad and granddad has dementia. Robbie has always been the strong one so it comes as a blow to their son Adam.

As the story goes back in time we find out how they met and their lives before and after. Early on we are told of a secret (I was guessing up all sorts of things - all of them wrong!) and the story has a huge twist that I'm still thinking of long since finishing the book.

My final read this month is the brilliant The Night Stalker by Clare Donoghue***. It's the fourth in the DI Lockyer series. It's not published until 10th August so I'll share my thoughts round about then.

What have you been reading this month?

*copy from Netgalley
**copy from Publisher
***copy from the author

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