Tuesday, 18 October 2016

SAMAYA: Kapha Anti-Aging Cream & Vata Hydrating Cleanser

SAMAYA is a new natural skincare brand based on Ayurvedic principles which help to achieve your perfect balance. SAMAYA was founded by Abida Halstenberg who grew up in India surround by Ayurvedic culture. Natural remedies were passed down through the generations and when she came to London struggled to find anything which came close to the skincare she grew up with. After months of research she found a chemist who helped her to create the exquisite range.

Discover your dosha (energies that govern each individual) HERE. I found mine was Kapha (40%), Vata (30%) and Pitta (30%) and I definitely identify with some of the features of all three:

Kaphna: Laidback, easy-going, steady energy levels. Can be lethargic and apathetic when out of balance. Compassionate, gentle, kind. Thick and pale skin, clogged pores/excess oil when out of balance.

Vata: Energetic & creative in balance. Worried, tired and indecisive when out of balance. Slender, cold hands and feet. Delicate dry skin and hair.

Pitta: Well proportioned. Focused mind, love order. Confident, passionate, prone to anger. Impatient when out of balance. Skin can be sensitive.

I was sent Kapha Anti-Ageing Cream* (50ml - £89) and a sample pot of Vata Hydrating Cleanser* to review.

The Kapha anti-ageing cream is presented in a glass pump bottle and encased in a cardboard tube which does look nice and gives a luxe feel.

It is formulated with Ayurvedic botanicals and Anti-Ageing ingredients. The cream absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling supple, firm and revitalised. The scent is absolutely amazing - it contains notes which I currently love in perfume and which I usually never find in a face cream! The blend is woody with notes of Sandalwood, Vetiver and Frankincense. It really is a luxe treat.

To use: AM/PM after cleansing.

The Vata Hydrating Cleanser is also lovely to use. It easily melts into the skin and has a rosey scent. Deeply moisturising as well as cleaning and purifying the skin. It easily gets rid of daily grime and make up.

To use: massage onto dry skin removing with a warmed damp muslin cloth.

There is also a treatment oil in each of the three Doshas - see HERE for more information.

Pick yours up HERE.

*complimentary - sent for review

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