Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Leighton Denny Nail Care

I'm a bit of a nail nibbler (terrible I know!) I was recently sent a package of Leighton Denny products* so I'm going to try and get my nails presentable for Christmas. Watch this space! Some of the items I was sent I won't be able to use straight away.

I've already been trying Rock Solid Base & Hardener 12ml* which is great for strengthening and using as a base coat. It also helps to encourage nail growth. I'll be using Remove & Rectify Cuticle Remover 12ml* to dissolve dry cuticle skin and nourish. Marvel Balm 30ml* nourishes dry cuticles, hands (elbows and lips).

The Hydra-Flex Treatment Regime Trio* rebalance and rehydrate damaged nails. Hydra-Flex Treatment Shield 12ml* seals in moisture, creates a perfect shield and makes your nails look better. Hydra-Flex Treatment Serum 12ml* nourishes, moisturises and cares for your nails (love this!) whilst Hydra-Flex Polish Remover 50ml* hydrates and strengthens.

Double Up (2 in 1) Base Coat 12ml* is a new product and is the perfect base and top coat. Also new is Bare It All 'Conceal & Care' 12ml* which has a beige tint (a bit like foundation for the nails). You can use it as a base coat or on its own with a top coat. It masks imperfections and fills ridges.

A Crystal Nail file* makes light work of filing and is "The Rolls Royce" of nail files and I've two pretty polishes* to try.

Do you have any nail growing tips?

*complimentary - sent for review

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