Friday 29 April 2016

April Books

Here's what I've been reading in April:

Stolen by Rebecca Muddiman - Abby Henshaw is assaulted by two men in the countryside when she's on her way to visit her friend with her baby daughter, Beth.  When she is released by the men she finds her daughter is missing and her whole world collapses.

DI Michael Gardner investigates and finds Abby and her husband's lives are built on secrets and betrayals. The investigation is shelved but Abby continues searching for her daughter... A brilliant read with lots of twists and turns and I couldn't put it down. 

between you and me by Lisa Hall - Sal and Charlie met at University and are married with a daughter Maggie. Charlie is a Corporate Lawyer and Sal, a former teacher stays home to look after their daughter. The story is told from both Charlie's and Sal's viewpoints. It has a huge twist I didn't see coming so much so I had to go back and re-read parts of the book. 

When she Was Bad by Tammy Cohen* - Amira, Sarah, Paula, Ewan, Chloe and Charlie have worked together for ages, know each other quite well and have a good working relationship. Soon they will find out they don't really know each other at all. Rachel is their new boss who has been appointed to restructure the office and holds no prisoners.

There is another story running alongside which happened in the past and the two stories are intertwined. A fast paced read with interesting characters and storyline. Absolutely loved it.

Early One Morning by Virginia Baily* - the story is set in October 1943 and Chiara Ravello and her sister are leaving Rome for the relative safety of her grandmother's farm in the countryside. She saves the son of a woman who is being herded onto a truck by German soldiers and she now has a young boy to look after as well as her sister who is unwell.

In later years Daniele and Chiara become estranged and memories of him and their life together come to the fore again when a young girl called Maria gets in touch claiming to be his daughter. A simply un-put-downable read. I loved all the characters and storyline although in places it was hard to read.

Bloq by Alan Jones - When Bill Ingram's daughter doesn't get off the London train at Glasgow Central Station just before Christmas he knows something is seriously wrong. Unable to reach her by telephone he makes the journey to London to try and find her.

His search for Carol takes him to the club scene and the world of drugs, prostitution and organised crime.  He meets Anna who becomes someone he can trust and rely on. Fast paced and un-put-downable I sort of wished the ending was different but it was one of hope. Loved this book. Highly recommend.

See How they Run by Tom Bale* - new parents Alice and Harry French are awoken in the early hours by two masked men at the foot of their bed demanding to know where the package addressed to Renshaw is.

They are threatened with harm including their baby, Evie if they involve the police. What follows is a fast paced, at the edge of your seat read which I found impossible to put down. Highly recommend.

After the Lie by Kerry Fisher* - Lydia's life is perfect - she's got a fantastic career, a caring husband, two great children and pet dog (which made me laugh out loud at some of her antics). The only bad thing in her life is she doesn't get on with her mum.

She finds her past is about to catch up with her when she meets someone on the school gates who knows her secrets and we find history has a way of repeating itself...Absolutely loved the storyline, characters and found myself thinking about the book when I wasn't reading it. 

Silent Scream - DI Kim Stone #1 by Angela Marsons - the book opens with five figures standing around a shallow grave where a pact has been made. Years later a headmistress and others are murdered and human remains are found at a former Children's Home. 

DI Kim Stone and her team are on the hunt for a person who has been killing for decades. The case strikes a chord with Kim as she grew up in a Children's Home and she cares about these girls and what happened to them. Fast paced, a great storyline and characters. Un-put-downable!

Evil Games - DI Kim Stone #2 by Angela Marsons - A rapist is found dead and DI Kim Stone and her team are out to find the murderer who they catch quite early on in the story. A sociopathic doctor is playing with the minds of her patients to satisfy her own needs and is captivated by Stone.

The next case they are investigating involves a father who has been molesting his children and Kim believes someone else was in the basement room and is determined to find out who. In this second book in the series we find out more about Kim's past and her close friendship with her partner DS Bryant. Again, just couldn't put this book down. Amazing read and series.

Lost Girls DI Kim Stone #3 by Angela Marsons - In a case mirroring a previous one where two girls were snatched and only one returned. Nine year old friends Charlie and Amy are abducted from the local swimming baths.

The parents receive a text message to say their daughters have been kidnapped. A second message pits the families against each other as it says the couple who offer the highest amount will see their daughter again and the other couple will not. Tempers are frayed and cracks start to show in their friendship and the relationship of the spouses.

We also learn more about Kim's colleague Kevin Dawson in this book and discover her softer side with her love for her dog Barney. Absolutely un-put-downable. A great read. Just about to start book #4 (which is released next month).

*thanks to the publishers and Netgalley for the copies


  1. I have just about finished reading See How they Run by Tom Bale and I am hooked x

    1. Glad you are enjoying it as much as I did! So many great books out this year x