Saturday, 30 April 2016

4160Tuesdays: The Mystery of the Materials: Four Scented Stories

Sarah at 4160Tuesdays has been crowdfunding again for The Mystery of the Materials: Four Scented Stories and there are a variety of ways you can back the project (see here). The four scents are inspired by mystery stories in 1930s Britain. There is also going to be a printed book of the stories.

I initially chose the 1st round of small mysteries 4 x 2.25ml eaux de parfum at £16 plus P&P and they arrived yesterday (another highlight was a note handwritten by Sarah herself!)

My favourite of the four is The Buddhawood Box with four woods and a note of multicoloured opalescence. It mellows to a gentle woody scent with creamy notes. Love it so much I bought this.

I'm sure I'm going to love the other three too! They are Flora Psychedelica with rare flowers, spices and herbs, Up the Apples & Pears autumn fruit in a tiny London orchard and Captured by Candlelight, plum pudding with brandy and set alight, with a background of oak and oil paintings.

Pick your perk HERE (available for the next 60 days).

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